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/sôr/ verb, to increase rapidly above the current level.

If YOU are saying to yourself: WHAT NOW?, you have arrived at the RIGHT PLACE.

We reached our own What Now? place as well. Neither of us were really prepared for what hit us as we approached this transitional time in our lives - careers winding down, kids off on their own. We were really just going along, tending to daily life without a real plan, without real acknowledgment that our lives were changing and without the real understanding that we were going to feel somewhat directionless and unguided. We really didn’t appreciate how much we were held by that container of careers and parenting. So we got to our WHAT NOW? without a plan. And we were lost!

Not having a plan is kind of like hiking new territory without a map and without a trail guide who really understands the terrain. A guide who can help you to enjoy the stunning views available to you and to help you to stay on this new path you choose without falling off a cliff. Once we realized we were really off the path of our choosing, we sought out guides for ourselves and created intentional steps going forward. Today, we get to enjoy the beautiful views we’ve created and love discovering new ones, new possibilities based on our actionable plan. New energy, renewed love, vibrant health, excitement for each day.

We want the same for you. We know firsthand that using a proven actionable plan allows you to design the life you truly want from this day forward. What is that for you? Is it more energy, feeling healthy and vibrant? Is it renewed relationships or finding new love? Maybe it’s starting a new career, creating a new business? Utilizing your talents in new ways. We don’t want to see you just floating around feeling lost and adrift - we’ve been there. We know in our heart of hearts that you CAN have the energy and passion for life you’ve had before. You CAN choose your new direction and be excited to get going on it every single day. With the right guide and a plan that works, you CAN attain energy, vibrant health, excitement for new things to come. You CAN re-vitalize previous dreams and create ones you haven’t even imagined yet.

You already have the talent and ability to create the quality of life that really matters to you. You just need a little guidance - and yes, maybe a little push to not only get started, but to stay on this newly discovered path - to stay on course.

Ready to SOAR? Check out our programs below:


Our most comprehensive program will guide you over the next 12 weeks to the very best YOU; the YOU you’ve been longing for.

In these 12 weeks together, you’ll get CLARITY on the possibilities that are right in front of you. You’ll develop and enjoy the ENERGY you need to really move the needle forward. You’ll develop COURAGE and CONFIDENCE in areas you might be lacking. You’ll learn how to track your progress and become PRODUCTIVE in new ways. You’ll work on the mind-set needed to get you where you want to go, incorporating the best in psychology and neuro-science techniques being used by today’s top performers. You’ll develop a plan and take actionable steps to move you towards your new goals. You’ll be generating the ENERGY needed to face each day with renewed enthusiasm and purpose. And, you will learn how to stay on the path of your new dreams.

We’ll get together for twelve, 60-minute private coaching calls. We’ll be strategizing every step of the way! You’ll get off the path of lost and surviving to energized and thriving. After each call, you’ll receive a follow-up e-mail summarizing our call and receive a work-sheet that will keep that call’s discoveries going. AND, you’ll have unlimited e-mail support between calls.

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This program is for you if you want a deep dive intensive on getting you back on track with your Health, your Weight and your Energy. This is a 6-week program that concentrates just on you and your health, what’s getting in the way of feeling truly vibrant in your body and how you can not only get on a better track with your health, but how you can stay there.

We'll get together for six, weekly, 60 minute private coaching calls. We'll develop an actionable plan, tailored to your own health and weight goals and get you on your way to feeling your very best.

Most of us cannot do this alone! If you want total support as you navigate the challenges of getting to your optimal health and weight, if you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and want to reclaim your energetic self again, SOARING HEALTH is for you!

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Ready for LOVE?
If you are ready to bring the passion back into your current relationship, or if you are on your own and want to attract a new love into your life, this 6-week Soaring Love Coaching intensive is for you.
Soaring Love Coaching addresses that all too often stuck place in so many relationships;  the path of "parallel" living - couples living side by side but not really turning towards each other and connecting - relationships that are surviving but not really thriving. This can be a lost place for many couples once the kids are gone and careers have wound down. "What now? Can we ever get back the connection, the passion and spark and the partnership we once had?"
And, what if you are on your own and looking for a new love in your life? How do you avoid the stumbling blocks and the pitfalls that you may have experienced in your previous relationships? And how do you attract ~ and keep ~ that someone special into your life?
Who doesn’t want more LOVE in their life? In our 6-week, Soaring Love Coaching program, we'll get together for 60 minutes each week where we’ll look at where you are today in your relationships and where you dream you’d love to be. We'll get you taking the steps necessary to get you on the path toward the loving and fulfilling relationship you truly desire.

Want to learn more? Schedule your complimentary SOARING LOVE strategy session today!