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OMG! What Now??

We both know what it’s like to encounter the bumps in the road: In Cindy’s case, she overcame a serious life-threatening illness as a young adult and then later lost her husband of 16 years when their daughter was just 3 - her dream of happily ever after shattered. And Bob, found himself unexpectedly single with children that he always assumed he would be raising in a loving, intact family.

We have come through some pretty hard life challenges, as we are sure you have too.

We’ve both had long, very successful careers - Cindy’s in the equestrian world, teaching, training and coaching hundreds of students at competitions. Bob has enjoyed a career as a pilot - flying commercial airplanes for a major airline for the last 23 years. Both of us have spent years living our dream careers.

We were super blessed to find each other and start a new journey together.

But .... after some time, we both arrived at that “Omg! What Now?” place.


No energy, no direction and no drive.

Our careers were beginning to wind down. The kids were newly out on their own and our parenting responsibilities were easing up. The very containers that held us for so long were going away. Our relationship needed a boost. Even our residence was changing!

We were stalled out.

We knew it was time to take a real look and assess where we were in our present lives. Being long time followers of personal development and being coached by some of the best in business, we took that deep dive into exploring what was next for us - together and as individuals. We knew we had to put together a success plan - and live it - for the key areas of our lives for the days, months and years ahead.

You see, we KNOW we were blessed to find each other and be granted a second chance at love and a fulfilling relationship. Now we had to keep that love alive and growing - and we wanted that purpose and passion to be true in all areas of our lives.

The one thing that was perfectly clear?
We knew: WE WEREN'T DONE YET! And neither are you!

Just because we all get to a certain age or stage in our lives, whether it is in parenting, or careers or relationships or health - we don’t have to accept that this is it. That this is all there is. There IS MORE ~ So much more!

It may be time for you to re-fuel and re-charge your life. Find your new passion, your new purpose. You’ve already been successful whether it was raising kids or in your career. But that time may be winding down for you too. You may have lost your way or your motivation or even your confidence to take on something new.

And maybe, you have no idea what you could possibly get charged up about at this point?

We’ve both been there and it has become our huge passion as coaches, to help others just like you discover their “What Now?” answer and support them on the path of new dreams.

This is YOUR time. You deserve MORE. And you ARE worth it!

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