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Are you Soaring and Sizzling, or Stalled Out with the Love of Your Life?

Does the Work You Love Play Havoc On the Ones You Love?


Has your career gotten in the way of a really good marriage? Are the two of you connecting the way you used to? Maybe things have gotten a bit stale and your relationship is suffering from a little neglect? 


Where did the sizzle go? And where is the joy and the fun?


If the distractions of life, family and work have you just getting by each day ~ just going through the motions ~  AND………if your relationship is just not where you thought it would be at this stage of your life, then perhaps it’s time for a re-boot.

We know what stuck feels like.

Being an Aviation family, and formally an Equestrian family as well, we know first hand how the work that we love can play havoc on the ones we love. 

You love your work and your profession is fulfilling and satisfying. You look forward to work every day.  But how do you keep your connection going with your one true love when you are here and gone, here and gone? And what happens when the years go by and you are a little bit “gone” even when you are “here?”

Without the specific intention to grow personally and in our relationships, things can grow stale for any of us and we can drift apart ~ NOT really ending up where we dreamed we’d be at this point in our lives.  

We all have ups and downs in this roller coaster called LIFE and LOVE and sometimes we just feel stuck.  Our relationships can lose their sizzle.  We can find ourselves on different pages than our partners.  And even though we show up responsibly each day for our work and our family – it’s just not as much fun as it used to be.  We’re just not really feeling the joy.

Here’s the kicker ~ many of us get trapped into believing and accepting that this is as good as it’s going to get ~ that this is our new normal.


No! Don’t go there. Don’t settle! You know you want more, right? More fun, more joy, more passion. And we want it for you!


As your Soaring Life Coaches, we can’t wait to guide you through a proven system that will bring a world of possibility back to you and into your relationship. We’ll guide you through our step-by-step,  Relationships That Rock,  program to take you from where you are right now today,  to where in your heart of hearts you know you want to be ~ Lit up, Energized and Feeling Loved and In Love!

We truly did a re-boot for ourselves when we needed it and are so grateful to have worked with some of the very best mentors in the world of personal development and relationship building over the last 10 years. We can’t wait to bring this program to you.


How to get started?

You’ve already taken the first step. You are here. And you are here because you want MORE! More LOVE. More PASSION. More JOY.

Click HERE to fill out the Soaring Life  Relationships that Rock Questionnaire  and we’ll get on the phone together for a free 45 min Soaring Life Strategy session. You’re going to love it!

In the meantime, let’s give you a jumpstart – download our free report: 5 Steps to Falling Hopelessly in LOVE with Your Partner Again!

Can’t wait to connect!

Cindy and Bob


Download our free report: 5 Steps to Falling Hopelessly in Love With Your Partner Again!

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